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  Duct area Pigeon nets in Hyderabad

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Duct area Pigeon nets in Hyderabad

This is netting for the bigger gaps between two apartments. It doesn't need to be installed on the roof. And it is called "Duct Area Pigeon Nets."


These nets are used to protect the building from bird pests.

As more and more buildings are built with only one way for pigeons to enter, people have started noticing a new issue: pigeons in their apartments. These nets are used to shield the open gaps between two blocks of buildings or apartments so that birds cannot fly in through these openings.


Pigeons pose a major health risk as they carry diseases like salmonella, psittacosis, cryptococcosis, and mycoplasmosis. They also tend to leave their droppings behind, which is very unsanitary.

This can be prevented by installing a pigeon net to cover the duct areas between two buildings or apartments. These nets are installed so that no bird can get in or out of the duct area and cause the spread of diseases.

Pigeons are making a lot of noise, and dirt is all over the place. Pigeons are also very bad for the health of people. Things will be better if we install a pigeon net in the common area.

Netting is one way to limit contact with these birds while still providing them with some food and water. By putting nets on top of buildings with gaps between two blocks of apartments, you can control the pigeon population on your building's roof and keep them away from your windowsills.

Pigeon netting for the apartment common area is a necessary tool for anyone who lives in an apartment complex. Pigeons are common pests in apartments and can often get through smaller cracks between buildings, providing them with a constant source of food. With these nets, you can close the gaps and eliminate any food sources for the birds.

Building netting is also a useful tool in certain cases. Unlike pigeon nets, it protects against larger birds like hawks and crows that might otherwise cause damage to your building's shingles or other parts of the building.

Pigeon netting is popular in Hyderabad, but we're seeing more and more of it on the streets of the city.

Duct area pigeon nets are used to keep pigeons out of individual apartments and common areas. These nets are installed by attaching them to the roof line of a building.

Save Your Buildings from Bird Waste

The next important application of bird netting is clearly pointing towards protecting buildings from bird waste. The droppings of birds are highly acidic in nature and could deteriorate the appearance of buildings. As the paint burns away gradually, you can find yourself in trouble having to paint the property multiple times. Pigeon netting could keep you away from these unwanted costs.

Mainly duct areas are usually become a resting place for birds which makes your building premises filthy. Manual cleaning of duct areas are risky and difficult. That's why our duct area pigeon nets comes into place. We are highly acknowledged experts to cover your duct area and prevent you from any for the future and wanted pigeon mess. We use high safety belts for covering duct areas. We will install netting at any risky area with highly experience quality team members.

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