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   Pigeon Spikes in Hyderabad


Pigeon Spikes in Hyderabad

Did you ever hear about pigeon spikes? The pigeon spike is used to control the pigeon's landing on your home and terrace walls. It keeps all the birds from landing on your home. It eliminates all the issues of cleaning up the mess. Most of the time, the birds are landing on the walls and your balconies and creating a mess. Well, if bird netting is not possible for ac units and terrace walls in some areas, then you can use this pigeon spike service. With our help, you can keep yourself tension-free. Spikes are not visible, which is a versatile solution for pigeon landings. Pigeons are sitting on window slabs on the porch, and that is inflicting a lot of disturbance and making sounds. Netting is different than spikes. Spikes help in particular areas where netting is not possible.


Use of Bird Spikes or Pigeon Spikes

  • Pigeons use AC outdoor units and cell corners for safe nesting, but they continuously land under the AC unit and spoil the entire area with their waste. Maybe some of the time, pigeon waste damages the ac filters also. Then there are large losses for repairing or purchasing a new unit.

  • When people park their vehicles in their parking cellars or any shopping mall, if birds are sitting under the roof or upper-walls of those parking places, the waste will directly fall on vehicle windows or may be under the head. Then our bird spikes are a good solution to avoid pigeon landings.

  • In industrial areas, ac duct pipes, fire hydrant pipes, chillers, and heat blowers are the most common areas for birds to stand and stay. Use a pigeon deterrent spikes to keep pigeons from landing on ledges.. The whole roofs of warehouses & go-downs are the mostly large bird-standing areas. If pigeons or birds attempt to sit there, the sharp needle will penetrate their bodies. So it won’t try to sit again.


We have installed our bird spikes in Hyderabad metro station and airports to control pigeon droppings.


Our bird spikes/pigeon spikes come with

  1. Spikes are u-v proof and water proof.

  2. Long Durability

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